Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Week 9 | Project 3 Research

Gene Roddenberry's Universe Research

My Topic: The Borg

  • The Borg is one of the many races in the Star Trek universe. However, they aren't their own separate species but rather an amalgamation of beings subjugated and assimilated into what is known as The Borg Collective.
  • They are stripped of free will and connected to a hive mind. Within the ranks of The Borg the idea of 'the individual' non-existent, save for the Borg Queen and a select few chosen to serve as emissaries. All others are known as Drones. These Borg lack names, unique behaviors, and are essentially the cannon fodder that are used for menial labor and combat. 
  • The Borg seek constant 'perfection' by attempting to forcibly assimilate all sentient races the Collective comes in contact with. Through the vast amounts of knowledge and technology they have absorbed, they have become one of the most powerful and terrifying entities in the known universe.

Project 3 Idea: Borg Cube Statuette
  • I think I chose this topic because there is something so chilling about the concept of the Borg. The overwhelming odds, the 'nano-probe' infection process, and the stripping of all free will... kinda terrifies me.
  • Work in progress

Week 9 | Debrief

Project 2 Critique

Pictures coming soon

The critique again went well. Personally learned that I prefer the SLA method of 3D Printing: though it is more fragile, you can achieve way more visible detail and there isn't much of a need to sand down the print lines.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Week 8 | Debrief

Project 2 | Work in Progress

Canis Lupus Mechanoid aka Fenrir

Box Crab

Week 7 | Debrief

Project 2 Info

Surprise! The Chimera homework has become our second project. 
  • Thankfully, the minimum requirement is to have at least two ready and printed by October 31st... how spooooky
  • One must be printed using the FDM (Full Deposition Modelling) method of 3D printing using either PLA or ABS plastic
  • The other must be printed using the SLA (Stereo-lithography) method, which uses liquid resin
(Don't remember which week this happened, but it seems fitting to put if here) 

We were presented with the opportunity to make limited edition 3D Printed Models for some event taking place at Pensacon. The client- Katy Hendry- resented this project as Star Trek themed. Four students will be chosen out of however-many to make 26 collectibles for this event.
  • Final due date is February 15th 
  • We mus also conduct some research about Gene Rodenberry, the creator of Star Trek. 
Now, personally I'm not much of a fan of Star Trek... it's view of the future is a little too utopic for my tastes. But if there are opportunities of some sort on the other side- plus we were informed this is our final for the class so I have no choice anyways- I'll give it my best.

Week 6 | Debrief

Project 1 Critique

Like always, finished this completely last minute because 
I'm an easily distracted dumbass... but I enjoyed making 
it, surprisingly.
The critique went well, and I got to see some pretty dope paper sculptures. As always, it's interesting to see the skills and artistic visions of my fellow student-artists.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Week 5 | Debrief

3D Modelling | Autodesk Meshmixer

Introductory 3D software that allows for existing 3D model meshes to be manipulated in various ways.

  • 'Shell'- constructed out of bits of polygonal information (aka the triangles that make up the surface of the 3D model)
  • Accepted filetypes for import: STL, OBJ (very common 3d file extension), AMF, PLY, MIX (native file)
Homework: Concept- Chimeras
  • Be inventive, creative, and expand upon the word and its many meanings
  • Make at least 3

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Week 4 | Debrief

Project 1 New Info

It'll be difficult to make this as complex as I'd like, but I'll find a way...
  • Critique is now October 5th
  • Limited to 5 sheets of 24in x 36in paper
  • Notes:
    • CNC has a difficult time cutting sharp changes in shape, so small intricacies may have to be planned differently and/or cut out by hand.
    • Think of ways to use tension or gravity as an asset
      • Personally, I think I'll just avoid folding and whatnot this time around. I'll reserve papercraft/pepakura type stuff for other projects...
I think I'll certainly stay with my original idea, but I'll have to tweak things here and there to stay within project parameters and keep a level of complexity that I can be happy with. 
  • May make the videogame theme more of an influence on the execution, maybe making the buildings look like circuitry or binary, possibly including pixel art styling? Frame could be like a screen or something.
  • Or I'll go hard on the manga angle, making intricately cut vectorized drawings. Not sure if I should go with cover art or panel art though...
  • If I do stick with the original plan, I might add more cut-out details to the silhouettes (while reducing the layers of depth) and play with lighting a bit more.

Week 9 | Project 3 Research

Gene Roddenberry's Universe Research My Topic: The Borg The Borg is one of the many races in the Star Trek universe. However, the...