Thursday, September 28, 2017

Week 5 | Debrief

3D Modelling | Autodesk Meshmixer

Introductory 3D software that allows for existing 3D model meshes to be manipulated in various ways.

  • 'Shell'- constructed out of bits of polygonal information (aka the triangles that make up the surface of the 3D model)
  • Accepted filetypes for import: STL, OBJ (very common 3d file extension), AMF, PLY, MIX (native file)
Homework: Concept- Chimeras
  • Be inventive, creative, and expand upon the word and its many meanings
  • Make at least 3

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Week 4 | Debrief

Project 1 New Info

It'll be difficult to make this as complex as I'd like, but I'll find a way...
  • Critique is now October 5th
  • Limited to 5 sheets of 24in x 36in paper
  • Notes:
    • CNC has a difficult time cutting sharp changes in shape, so small intricacies may have to be planned differently and/or cut out by hand.
    • Think of ways to use tension or gravity as an asset
      • Personally, I think I'll just avoid folding and whatnot this time around. I'll reserve papercraft/pepakura type stuff for other projects...
I think I'll certainly stay with my original idea, but I'll have to tweak things here and there to stay within project parameters and keep a level of complexity that I can be happy with. 
  • May make the videogame theme more of an influence on the execution, maybe making the buildings look like circuitry or binary, possibly including pixel art styling? Frame could be like a screen or something.
  • Or I'll go hard on the manga angle, making intricately cut vectorized drawings. Not sure if I should go with cover art or panel art though...
  • If I do stick with the original plan, I might add more cut-out details to the silhouettes (while reducing the layers of depth) and play with lighting a bit more.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Week 3 | Project 1 Brainstorm

Project 1 Brainstorm

-Styled like a panel of a comic/manga, maybe have the classic video
 game theme of facing a massive boss monster
-About 6 layers of grey-scale paper, mimics atmospheric perspective
-Use CNC to cut patterns (and possibly draw some definition and detail)
-Framed to hide the space between sheets from odd angles,but the
 frame is styled to match the piece's aesthetic
-If time permits, there could possibly be some LEDs to add some
 dramatic lighting and interesting visuals

Week 3 | Debrief

Finally got my pattern machined, took roughly 46 minutes to complete
Fabrication Lab Hours:
  • Monday -
  • Tuesday -
  • Thursday -
  • Friday -
  • Saturday -
  • Sunday -

Week 2 | Debrief


  • Computer Numerical Control

    • A machine that receives information from a program (like Rhino CNC) that converts visual data like vectors into a set of coordinates that the machine can follow
      • Has a 4ft x 8ft platform with a transom that is able to hold a wide variety of tools like blades, pens and routers

    • Using the CNC 
      • Wear close-toed shoes and have eye and ear protection on hand when in the fabrication lab.
      • Must first provide an Ai file (as simplified and uncluttered as possible, extraneous points slow the process down)
      • File is converted on the computer into coordinates, then the size and origin point can be edited
      • Set up the platform for use
        • ensure the transom is out of the way and not operating
        • use pegs and rubber gasket material to direct the vacuum to the desired area of operation
        • Place a piece of particle board covering the desired area and test the suction on a scrap piece of paper
      • Move transom over to work area and insert desired tool, be sure to put things back when finished
      • Have the lab tech set the parameters for the tool on the computer (X, Y, Z)
      • Wear eye and ear protection while the machine is operating. Stay a safe distance away as to not be injured by the moving parts, but stay close enough to keep watch. If there is a problem, there is an emergency shut-off button right next to the computer station

Monday, September 4, 2017

Week 1 | Adobe Illustrator Practices

Love me summa dat skull shit... I probably spent waaay too much time on this
Some sorta motherboard-y cyberpunk UI thing... again, probably spent too much time on this
A few geometric designs to reacquaint myself with AI's toolkit

...More To Come...

Week 1 | Reading Response

Working on it...

Week 5 | Debrief

3D Modelling | Autodesk Meshmixer Introductory 3D software that allows for existing 3D model meshes to be manipulated in various ways. ...